Open a Bank Account

Why do I Need to Open an Account?

Many foreigners are coming to Turkey for buying a property and making an investment. Turkey provides many conveniences for foreigners about buying a property. But first, you need to open a Turkish bank account. In this way, you can get credit, make money transfer and give automatic payment order for your utility bills thanks to the bank account. Opening a bank account in Turkey is a simple and straightforward process. But, you need to be careful about few basic details.

How Can I Open A Bank Account?

Pella Global will help you for opening your bank account smoothly at every step. But if you want to go it alone, the following information will help.

Documents required to open a Turkish bank account;
• Passport
• Republic of Turkey Tax Identification Number
• Proof of address - A utility bill within the last three months or rental contract in your home country

Can I Open My Bank Account from Abroad?

You can open your bank account from abroad by giving a Power of attorney.But the type of account you want to open is important. Certain banks have banking products for both local residents and international clients. The banks can explain the options available to you and their processes.

Can I Open a Bank Account as a Non-resident?

Opening a bank account as a non-resident is possible. The only thing that is required is the documents mentioned above.

How Long does This Process Take?

The process depends on the bank. But if you send us a copy of a utility bill and passport before you arrive, we can prepare the necessary documents and we can open the account within the day. You can get your bank card in a few weeks.

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