Solar Energy

Antalya provides profitable investment opportunities to its investors with its climate that receives 300 days of sun a year, high solar radiation and subsidiary industry that supports the sector.
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Solar Radiation in Antalya
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The total solar radiation in Antalya is shown on the map. The average solar radiation in the northern districts of Antalya is 1500 KWh/m2 per year while it reaches up to 1800 KWh/m2-per year in southern districts such as Antalya.

The Global Rates of Radiation and Sunshine Duration of Antalya
Source: The General Directorate of Renewable Energy
High Solar Energy Potential

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Average of 1550 kW/m2 insolation which reaches up to 1800 kW/m2 regionally

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More than 300 days of sun and up to 12 hours of sunshine duration in summer months

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Antalya is a city with approximately 4,000 MW of solar energy potential.

The Installed Solar Power Plant Capacity in Antalya is Increasing

There are 34 Solar Power Plants in Antalya with a total installed power of 10.9 MW The construction of 5 new Solar Power Plants of 20.8 MW still continue.

An Advanced Investment Environment

The opportunity to access a 6 billion Euro market in line with the 2023 objectives of Turkey.

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99% of the potential is available for investment.

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An average investment payback period of 6.3 years.

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€ 220 million of solar power in Antalya and € 6 billion of market size in Turkey in line with the 2023 objectives.

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A gateway to the Mediterranean for panel and cell producers.

More than 2,500 Companies Supporting the Sector

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Strong Incentives

The solar power plants on a national basis are supported with a fixed price guarantee and additional local contribution within the scope of Renewable Energy Sources Support Mechanism (YEKDEM).

Equipment Support US Dollar Cent/kWh
Solar Energy Based Production Facility 13,3
Construction 0,8
PV Modules 1,3
Cells that constitute the PV module 3,5
Invertor 0,6
Solar Focusing Device on the PV Module 0,5
An International Distribution Center

Antalya is located at the heart of a consumer market with a population of 1.5 billion, where Europe, Central Asia and Middle East meet. Antalya is a natural investment center thanks to its strategic location. Companies can easily transfer their products to the countries at Europe, North Africa, Russia and Middle East over Antalya ports.

Antalya Offers Special Investment Zones

There are three types of private investment zones allocated for investments in Turkey: Technology Development Zones for the companies using advanced technology or aiming to develop new technologies; Free Zones for export oriented investments and Organized Industrial Zones which are designed for companies to utilize the existing infrastructure and social facilities.

Special Investment Zones

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